Wall Painting My Beauty Salon


Like most people starting out their own business money plays a big part in ‘making it’, you see over half of small business‘ fail and money is the reason, you can’t last if you can’t pay the lease, you can’t last if you can’t pay your employee’s. That being said I played it safe and started at home, which has it’s up’s and downs. I did most of the interior decorating myself and had some of the plumbing and electrical done by my husband who is thankfully a licensed contractor. Aside from my husbands help I did most of the painting my self, anything I did need help with I contacted my local painting company and were more than happy to assist me, if your in the Southern California area you can visit Effects Painting SD and you can get a free quote.

wall painting

Painting Made Easy

Coming from a family of painters and working for a professional painting company and an electrical company as well, he said I can have it ready for you in a week. When it comes to the painting it really isn’t that hard with the proper supplies like your brushes, some rollers, tape and of course some buckets of paint. Now like I said painting is the easy part, however the hard part or boring part is the prep work and the clean up, but the prep work is going to determine the outcome of the project ultimately. So do yourself the favor and if you don’t have a professional painter behind your back advising you on how to take the proper precautions, be sure to do plenty of research and studying now a days you can check on so many companies with out ever leaving your house, just by checking yelp or the BBB websites can make a world of wonder.

Sealing the Garage

Sealing theĀ garage floor was a pretty straightforward job you could do yourself using just a little elbow grease, some proper tools you can get at the local hardware store and an excellent sealant. With the proper tools and just a little bit of help from a friend and you’ll have a totally sealed garage floor in just a couple of days. It’s just like painting walls, however, commercial cleaners do contain substances and chemicals which can be dangerous and or harmful. Put on a protective mask in order to avoid any issues and ensure the space you’ll be working on is very well ventilated.

Never be afraid to call a painting company, if you don’t have the time or the knowledge hiring a professional to get the job done likely makes better sense, especially if the job itself is particularly small like a dining room or the garage. Most businesses who offer a painting service do so at rates that are pretty reasonable in hopes that they will be considered by you for larger jobs around your property.